Leopardia Series week #203


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“Love your neighbour as yourself.”
Mark 12:31

If you meditate on this verse you’ll realize the Bible didn’t say love your neighbour MORE than you love yourself. But love them AS you love yourself.

We live in times where so many people are just giving too much to others and at the end leave nothing for themselves.

For example, there’s people who keep giving so much affection to people who don’t even care about them and they think that’s okay.

Constantly running after people in other to have them love or accept them. They give so so much and at the end are left disappointed because others don’t even care or reciprocate and then they start blaming others and getting all hurt. But when you think of it, the reality is that they’re being treated that way by choice.

We have people who are trying to fit in places where they don’t belong around people who couldn’t care less of what they’re lives would turn into if they stopped trying.

It’s a fair game to respect someone who respects you. It’s a fair game to call people who call you. It’s a fair game to visit people who visit you and that doesn’t mean we can’t give, It simply means our selfs should be treated and loved the way we love others.

Love people who want you to love them!

Be inspired and go figure .

God bless you.



In life there’s two kinds of people:

There’s you and then there’s them!
But there’s also two types of Christians, there’s those who believe in Jesus and then there’s those who are on a mission for Jesus (men and women of God)

Which one are you?
Which one do you want to be ? And which one has God CALLED you to be ?

If God is calling you to become a man or woman of God, do what He’s calling you to do. Surrender! Please

Think about think and be inspired

God bless you



It’s almost 2017 and this year has taught me the importance and power of breaking up with my mindset.

If you look at yourself, you’ll realize that there’s already a certain image of your person that’s been either created by a negative situation you faced in your past or by the people you once associated yourself with.

This mindset has unconsciously become your identity and you may not even realize it but it’s the reason to why you’re not reaching a different level or stage of your life. It feels like you’re bounded by this demon and you want to escape but unfortunately, you don’t know how to…

It is important for all of use humans to come to a stage of our lives where we’ll need to fight all these small negative voices that keep bugging us. These voices do not define you. These voices aren’t the truth. These voices won’t help you. There here to destroy you!
And what you need to do is STOP entertaining them. Break up with your demons!

Refuse to enter a new year with the same mindset. As much as it impacted and hurt you, you need to get to a point where you’ll just have to write a whole new chapter and start all over. Regardless of what it looks like to others, do everything in your power to be happy.

I don’t know what it is, a job, a place, a person, an environment, a belief system, a tradition, a culture etc… if it doesn’t bring you peace and no longer makes you happy: BREAK UP WITH IT.

You’re demons will never stop fighting you.
It’s up to you to spot them and break up with them before they destroy you!

I once tried to drown my demons. I forgot they knew how to swim

Be inspired!

God bless you



At this point of your life, if they’re not helping you grow….
If they’re not making you happy…
If they’re not bringing anything positive in your life…
If they’re not building you up…
If they don’t respect you…
If they’re presence in your life doesn’t make it brighter…


Stay away from people who don’t believe in you: That’s the beginning of faith.

Stay away from people who don’t appreciate you: That’s the beginning of self appreciation.

Stay away from people who don’t love you: That’s the beginning of self love.

Stay away from people who don’t help you grow spiritually, mentally or emotionally:That’s then beginning of growth.

Stay away from people you don’t need: People who serve NO purpose in your life.

The quality of your current life is strongly impacted by the kind of people you surround yourself with.

In life there’s two kinds of people. There’s YOU and then there’s THEM!!!

God bless you



Just because you see something doesn’t mean it is what it is. Just because you feel negative about yourself or a situation you’re facing doesn’t make it a fact.
Just because you’re going through something ugly doesn’t make it your destiny.
Just because you see a clouded sky doesn’t mean the sun is not hiding behind.

I encourage you to not give up on life. Everything will be okay. God will make a way. Give it time and remember it’s only TEMPORARY.




There’s no such thing as a Christian with a PERFECT relationship with JESUS. Everyone falls short but not everyone gets back up.

I encourage you to stand for God. If you fall stand back up. This battle will ALWAYS continue as long as we will be alive.

You are not the sins you do. You are not your mistakes. You are a child of God and theres nothing nobody will ever do to take that identity away from you. Always remember these words:

Gods child will always be His child.

Stay encouraged!

God bless you.



Today as I was walking down the streets I was paying close attention to everyone around me. Different people from different cultures and beliefs…just different in many way.

I sat and observered families and friends gathered around tables with smiles on their faces in food courts and I thought that that was actually very beautiful.

But then, I asked myself what if I actually had an emotional visual goggle?
What if I had the power to dig deep down each ones heart and see for real what truly was hidden behind those smiles?

Because the reality is that everyone in life is pretty much trying to survive this journey. We have more people existing and few living…

Everyone is going through something and some of these situations are unknown by many.
People hide their pains because they think its easier to live that way, they don’t wanna be a burden to anyone…some are just completely lost and confused.

But what if you had those emotional visual goggles…what would you do? Everytime you saw how dead someone was inside ? If you saw how destroyed someone was?

Would you be kind or rude? Would you be selfish or caring? Would you care? Would you help? What would you do?

And how would that make you feel to think that someone in this world is a walking dead soul because of something you said or did to them?

We can’t call ourselves Christians and lack empathy!

Life is an ongoing journey that ends once we start existing more than we start living.
So many dead people walking out there. Be the reason to why someone is living.

Be INSPIRED to make the world a better place. BE KIND!

God bless you.



Back in the days I use to think that everything that happened to us in life was meant to happen.

But then I’ve realized that just because something happened to you doesn’t mean it HAD to happen or just because something is happening to you doesn’t mean it HAS to happen.

Many people are stuck in situations year after year with no progress/escape and using God as an excuse to why they’re so unhappy and miserable.

God is not the author of unhappiness. When you’re stuck in a unhappy situation for years thinking or saying that God put you there and He’s gonna get you out, you’re pretty much saying God chose to make you unhappy; that’s NOT God.

A lack of wisdom is the result to why many people are unhappy in life. We all need wisdom!

We need to choose what’s right for us. God is not a dictator, there’s no such thing as God imposing anything on us especially if it makes us unhappy. We got a choice to make for everything in life. Everything we are today is a result of the kind of choice we made. And choices have consequences.

You are where you are in life by choice. And if you don’t like being there, make a different choice. Different results will only come once you make a different choice. Do something you’ve never done before. Try something new. It’s all worth it.

Refuse to believe that its Gods will for you to be stuck in something ugly.

Make a different choice today or else it will always be this way.

Be inspired.

God bless you.



You know what? Often in life we are told that we shouldn’t feel a certain way because someone has it worst. But if that was truly the case, it would also mean that we shouldn’t be feeling happy because someone else is obviously happier than us.

What this means is that, all the negative emotions that we humans get to feel is SUPPOSED to be felt. We wouldn’t value happiness without sad days. We wouldn’t value peace without anxious days. We wouldn’t value joy without painful days.

So my friend, my advice to you is to let it out. Everytime you’re feeling a certain way EXPRESS it and LET IT OUT. Cry if you need to. It’s normal.
There’s nothing wrong with talking about how you feel.
You’re human and this flesh is weak. It’s okay to not feel okay.

God bless you.



I was talking to a friend who’s having serious relationship issues. I had a 29 years old woman balling her eyes out trying to make more and more excuses to stay in an expired relationship.

You know friends, a person who loves you will never put themselves in a position to lose you. Someone who loves you will respect you and treat you right. Stop being naive and thinking that just because someone says they love you means they do. Look at their actions. The way they treat you is a reflection of how they feel about you regardless of what they tell you.

If you continuously have to tell a grown up adult that their behaviour is not ok, if you constantly have to teach them basics lessons of morality then know that thats a big red flag waving at you to get your attention.

God is love and so is he peace
When you get to a point where love is no longer bringing you peace, comfort or happiness. Know that God is no longer there.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from every single person in your life who doesn’t respect you. At the end of the day it’s their loss not yours.

And the only one you should feel like you can’t live without is God. Everyone else can be REPLACED. It’s all a matter of TIME and CHOICE.

Wake up people, have enough wisdom to leave all these expired relationships. Love yourself more and remember that God has something better in store for you.

There’s only one person who can put an end to something ugly. And thats YOU. Make a choice and change your life. Staying is a choice but so is leaving.
Be inspired.

God bless you.



If you drive a car looking in the rearview mirror, eventually you might get hurt.

Be thankful for the wounds that you have in your heart cause wounds turn into scars and scars into wisdom.

Healing is the process of learning to live while being damaged; The acceptance of being damaged.

So here are few tips:

Face how you feel about what happened. Morn the loss of who you were before (forgive yourself) and acknowledge what lesson you learned from it (wisdom). At that point you will realize you are a survivor of your past and know you are stronger and smarter because of it. After that the pain will ease with time and you will rise to claim your right to happy again. You will begin to see life from a better angle.

And yes you will still have days when it still hits you but you should take advantage of those to find ways of getting rid of the anger thats still in there.

Write what you feel, it’s therapeutic.

because you have the CHOICE… even though it truly does not seem like it, you can chose to OUTGROW what really happened in your past. You have the power to make that change.

God Bless you



Support doesn’t always come from familiar faces.
So don’t be surprised when God places strangers on your path to get you to higher places.

Don’t be surprised if your growth makes your circle small.

Sometimes the best way to add to your life is not to add to it, but to subtract what no longer produces growth.

It’s not about the size of your circle. It’s about the loyalty thats in it.

If people are causing you to be in pieces instead of bringing you peace, you need to tell them peace.

Real people don’t have a lot of friends:

Be inspired!

God bless you.



I just want to encourage all the people who are walking correctly and serving God with an honest heart but who are not publicly being given credits for it.

It’s sad to know that we live in days where religion has taken dominion over faith. Where people judge from what they see: As long as you display yourself as what they want and expect of you, you’re good to go and easily labelled a child of God filled with the holy spirit.

It’s so unfortunate that it’s occuring this way because a book can’t and should never be judged by its cover. And God doesn’t expect us to be carnal minded. He wants us to be spiritual being and spiritual eyes dont judge from looks. They dig deeper and find treasure.

I encourage you to keep serving God even if people are not talking about what you’re doing. As long as you’re doing it from an honest and sincere heart, God will acknowledge it and bless your good works.

God isn’t moved by popularity. Popularity and fame are vain. God wants us to be Christians in the way we treat each others; In the way we conduct ourselves when NOBODY is watching.

God bless you.

The Passion for Writing


Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.58.03 PM.png

In 2017, it’s going to mark exactly 5 years since I started blogging.

When I started writing online, to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. I was constantly feeling a fire burning inside of me to share what was whispered down my spirit. I then ended up giving in and posting them. I got unfriended and unfollowed by many people but I kept writing because my passion was and is still stronger than anyone else’s option about me. With time I realized I didn’t care who wouldn’t accept what I had become. I didn’t care who would criticize me, I didn’t care what anyone would think about me. I just had to let the bird fly out of the cage.

It takes courage to serve and stand for God in a society that makes it seem like it’s at taboo to openly talk and express ones love for Him. But I didn’t… I didn’t care… all that mattered was that voice…that same voice that’s still inspiring me today to keep writing.

Later on, writing grew more and more into something I’ve become. Writing brought life into me. It built an identity in me. It defines me. Navec the writer…

“Born to inspire” is my label; little did I know that writing would have so much power over me. Because I believed in everything I wrote, I ended up becoming what I wrote. And I didn’t know it had an effect on my life but I’m not gonna lie:

Writing so much positivity has made of me
VERY positive person. It has also inspired me to be a reader. Reading is beautiful 😍

I believed in my words so much that they became real to my life (the power of words)

So I just want to encourage you all who have passion and dreams: Go after what you want regardless of what anyone thinks. It’s easier said than done and many have heard this so many times that’s it’s become too common to them, but honestly even if nobody supports or believes in you GO FOR IT.

Cause someday, life will give you a reward of what you deserve only if you give it the opportunity to bless you.

I started with a passion that later on turned into a vision and today my vision has become a reality. I’m doing what I was born to do and I’ve never being any happier and blessed like I am right now.

Be inspired

God bless you



November 26, 2016

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Our biggest enemies are not the people whom we label as our haters or the people who hurt us. Our biggest enemy is the earthly body in which we live in.

Try this my friend:

Go in front of a mirror and have a talk with the body in which you live in. Talk to it, tell it what you don’t like and just have a talk with this person in which you were sent to reside in on this earthly journey.

Also pledge allegiance to always be there for it. Protect your earthly body from being exposed to situations that will leave you hurt, broken and vulnerable. It’s your responsibility to watch after this body in which you live in. Coming to the earth and living in it is one great experience.

Some people will never get to exist on earth because they will never get this chance to live in an earthly body.

See ,I have conversations with Navec. I ask her why shes the way she is. Cause I don’t understand some of the things she does. I ask her questions. I’m getting to know her. She’s constantly changing. I live in her body and it’s my responsibility to know and understand this person. I have to do everything in my power to make her happy too. I have to love her and give her what she wants. I have to protect her and make sure she’s in peace.

So my friend, starting from today, whatever your name is, make a promise to yourself to always be there for your earthly body. Love it. Do everything in your power to make it happy. Enjoy living in it. It’s not always going to be around forever.

Enjoy your experience on the earth. Enjoy living inside this earthly vehicle.

Be inspired.

God Bless you.

I FINISHED SCHOOL: My greatest achievement

November 19 2016


Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.40.21 PM.png

As I walked up this stage to get my reward I got inspired to write this:

There’s three things in life that nobody can take away from you.
The first one is Gods love for you, the second one is your gifts, the third one is your education.

You don’t give up in life. You go after what you want regardless of how irrelevant it is to other people. Regardless of how impossible it seems. You can be and do anything in life only if you really want to.

You work for your dreams. You make sacrifices. You believe in yourself. Its all worth it at the end.

To my ladies, get yourself an education. Have greater dreams than simply wanting to find Mr perfect. Educate yourself, read books, talk to people, explore the world, be ambitious, start businesses, do what you can. God gave us a brain for a reason.

And never forget to aim higher than everyones expectations.
Your gender doesn’t have to limit your goals. You want something, go after it. Work for it. Be independent.

The more educated you are, the more respect you get and no man will ever mess with you.

Be inspired and stay in school 😉

God bless you.

The article of the year: Dear 2016



You were the year that brought major changes to my life. You were the year that helped me grow up. You were the year that got me tearing up but you also set me free. 

Dear 2016, you taught me to fall in love with myself. To forgive and accept myself just the way I am.

You taught me to do everything in my power to make myself happy and I did.

You taught me to trust my instinct more than my feelings or emotions. I’ve learned! 

You reminded me that God gave me a brain for a reason. That sometimes I got to do what’s best for me according to me not other people.

You taught me that sometimes all you got to do in life is be selfish cause caring can be painful.

You’ve taught me to value myself more than I value anyone else.

You taught me that although pain can be very bitter, healing definitely comes someday. No pain lasts forever.

You taught me to stand for what’s important to me and to turn my circle into a circle of value rather than of people. So I did and I hope you’re proud of my bravery.

You’ve taught me to not trust anyone anymore. I’ll try not to.

You taught me that religion is deceptive. That underneath the religious titles lays heartbreaking secrets. That if Christianity was a person, it clearly wouldn’t be a Christian.

You taught me to never settle less than what I truly deserve no matter what I feel. It’s one thing to want something but it’s another to have it because it deserves you.

You taught me to keep helping people. That loving people is the most essential part of my journey.

You taught me that I am the most powerful person in my life after God and that I had the power to change my life and so I did.

You taught me the value of spending time alone. I’ve learned a lot about my earthly self by spending a lot of time with it.

You taught me to finally stop chasing after people. Whoever wants to be a part of my life can come in, whosever doesn’t is free to go. Not going to beg anyone anymore that’s a PROMISE.

And lastly, you’ve taught me that although happiness is subjective, It can still have a universal definition. And this year I’ve learned that happiness is a CHOICE.

You weren’t the best year of my life but you are the end of the saddest moments of the rest of my days. Dear 2016, I made it alive once again and all I can say is THANK YOU for more lessons.

Goodbye 2016




Hello friends, family and strangers.

My name is Navec and I stand here humbled and blessed to be able to share with you all this message that my greatest inspiration has inspired me to write.

I was born in a home filled with love and grew up being told what to believe and how to think, until I became my own person and began questioning my beliefs and experiences of life. I explored every part that caught my interest. I was intrigued by the amount of beauty my eyes wasn’t catching due to my limited and close minded perspective on life.

As a young woman living in an insane generation, my mission is to make a difference in my entourages life. Though I do not have a full picture of what this passion and vision will expand towards; I still believe that on due time, destiny itself will bring into existence whats been planted in my core.

Today, I would like to talk about few aspects of life, mostly neglected by us humans due to our lack of empathy, the level of our ignorance and the unavailability of our minds to view, accept and understand these facts from an angle different than what we have already planted in our sight.

I always like to say that I hold my faith so dearly to my heart and that doesn’t make me religious, I’m mostly passionated.

To me God represents everything and from the little experience that I’ve had with Him in this earth, I have realized that He’s truly greater than the God portrayed by most religious people.

He taught me love: this unconditional love. He taught acceptance: this God that doesn’t discriminate. He taught me respect: this God that wants me to treat everyone with respect regardless of how different they are. He taught to understand: most people judge and few really understand. He taught me to let Him be God.

We all living in a world made of sinners, judging each others for sinning differently. He taught to me to let Him be the judge and only to love everyone.

Then rose a dream, in my heart.  A dream that we can engender, if we are willing to open our hearts and minds to simply see life from Gods point of view.

I have dream, that someday everyone can walk down the streets and meet different people but still not judge them. I dream that people can just talk to each others and just love them, regardless of who they are, what they look like, where they live, what class they are occupying in the society and mostly regardless of what they believe.

I dream of my fellow christian friends and family, that all live under different doctrines to simply look at everyone in their lives, the same way they look at themselves.

No more judgment, complexes, discrimination. Nothing but love.

I have learned to view myself as the worlds greatest sinner. I have made of myself the target that should be mostly judged especially by me.

I have come to the point in my life where to me having empathy and compassion towards others is the most important part of living because everything we do and we are today, is impacting someones else life in someway. And if we cannot be who we so claim to believe in, if we cannot represent this God that we so claim to follow, then we are not worth calling ourselves His children because this God wants us to love each others no matter what.

Everyone in this world is fighting a battle nobody truly knows about. A lot of people do not love themselves and few of those who try to accept themselves still wonder if they’re good enough. The greatest we could ever be in someone else’s life, in that person that loves them and tells them that they are good enough just the way they are.

I dream of a world, where there is no separation. Where love is our only religion. Because all religions where founded one principle and that is love. We are free to chose what religion we want to follow, but if we cannot project love towards each others, then let us not claim to belong to that religious group, let not us not give a bad reputation.

God made all of us different for a reason. We cannot and will not always agree with each others, but we all have one common denominator and that is Him; He is Love.

And if there’s a disagreement, it should be approached in a respectful, loving and understanding manner.

I dream of a world that is similar to the life of a child. Children are the real gospel. Children are who and what God wants us to be like. Children, are creatures that we all have left behind us when we grew older. These children still live inside of us and we have the ability to dig deep inside of ourselves and find them again.

This is my dream. I am not a perfect human. I’m fighting these demons. I can’t drown them down in the sea because they know how to swim. But I’m believing that someday, I will destroy them.

See, our biggest enemies are not the people we call our haters. They’re not the people who make our lives hard, our biggest enemy is the person we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror everyday.

I hope you’ve been inspired to make of this world, a better place.

God bless you

Navec (Leopardia)

Leopardia Series week #199



So is that it?
You just wake up one morning and have to accept the fact that someone you love is forever gone, dead.

That you never get to see them ever again. That their smile and laughter will forever be missed. This whole ugly reality of holding someone so close to your heart and them just vanishing through the sequences of ashes.

Their memory is all you’re left with. You suffer their absence everyday but they’re unware of this humongous pain because their bodies have entered a resting phase.

Oh death, why be so cruel. Why cause so much heartaches in our lives? Why not just let us all be happy and live forever.

I understand that nobody is meant to live forever, but when someone you love dies, it changes you and your life forever and there’s no word to describe how painful this feeling is.

May God be with all the people who left so unexpectedly. May they keep resting in peace.

May God help us survive this BITTER REALITY.




The less of your life you post on social media, the better.

Always remember one thing before posting something:

What is the purpose behind that post? What are the motives? If the motives are good then go for it. But if its to show off or brag about something to make people jealous or to prove anything about your life, it’s really not worth it.

Life is not a competition. It’s a journey!

Remember this all the time and refrain yourself from posting things that nobody needs to know because the reality is that though it may make you feel good, nobody honestly cares! People are generally curious but curiosty doesn’t brighten nobodies life.

My dad once told me: ” The best way to live happily is to live secretly”

Stop telling everyone everything thats happening to your life on social media.

(This is only my opinion. You don’t have to make it real to you. You honestly do what makes you happy but don’t forget to add a bit of wisdom to your sauce.)

God bless you.




There’s always going to be someone who will be better than you in something.

Someone who will have more than you.

Someone who will do more than you.

Someone richer.

Someone smarter.

Someone with more knowledge and experience.

Someone wiser.


But although that someone may impress you, they will NEVER BE YOU.

Embrace yourself. You are the only copy of you that this world has. You are unique and special in your own way. DO NOT ENVY nobody. When God made you, He made sure you where original. So keep being you, you are wonderful just the way you are. God loves you.

God bless you.




You’ve made it through another week. More than a 100 thousand people died last week all around the world. You made it alive for another week. What a grace.

For this week, remember the word “Sanctification”. Stay holy and pure throughout everything you will be engaging yourself this week. Watch what you feed on and feed on things that remind you and get you close to God.

Throughout the music you listen, the movies you watch, the people you hangout with and even the conversation you have with people. Watch!
Live in sanctification even when nobody is watching you. God is!

May God bless your week.


(once and for all)


Many people are still carrying toxic sequels from their PAST without even knowing it. The truth is, what once happened to you left scars in your heart and for some, there’s still a wound. But, the reality is that you will only HEAL once you DECIDE to DETOX yourself from the past. So here’s what you can do:

1- Accept what happened.
2- Find yourself
3-Forgive, yourself.
4- Build yourself.
5- LOVE yourself.
6- Carry yourself (be your own shoulder)
7- Move on (Let it go)

Give it TIME…

Time is the most POWERFUL game changer. What you’re feeling today or what you’re worried about right now, may mean absolutely NOTHING to you in the upcoming months.

If you are truly willing to put the effort with your actions and not just your words to MOVE ON, you will succeed.

You will look back one day and thank yourself for your bravery and strength. It’s really worth it.

You have the POWER to change your life at any given moment. NEVER FORGET THAT

Forget what happened but never forget how what happened made you feel (LEARN)

Be inspired.

God Bless You.


Friday and saturday nights are the two best days to be tuned in with God. It’s the best moment to fellowship with Him and just spend time alone in His presence.

Use your weekends wisely. The week gets busy but we got weekends.

Don’t forget to spend and make time for God. Please don’t forget!

God Bless You.




There’s a lot going on in your life right now especially in the spiritual realm that you are not aware of. That’s why you should always and constantly stay in prayer. There’s a lot of evilness occuring in the world right now. Pray for protection all the time. Feed on the word.

I don’t feel safe in this world. Not at all. I pray that God protects all of us. There’s no safety. Not at all.

Everyone read Psalm 91 before going to sleep everyday.

God bless you.




You can be the nicest person in the world and still say NO.
Don’t become a slave to kindness that you allow other people to go pass your limits. Don’t give people too much freedom to do anything they want to you just because you want to prove how nice you are. They will take advantage of you. They will take it as far as they can.

Nice people are the most mistreated people because most people mistaken kindness for weakness.

Refuse to let people go beyond your principles. There’s a time to say yes and a time to say no. Even God doesn’t always say yes.

Take responsibility starting from today to set boundaries in relationships you have with people. Cause people will treat you EXACTLY how you teach and allow them to treat you. Respect yourself and people will respect you.

God bless you.




You’ve made it to another week on the earth. What a grace!
This is another week. It’s not going to be easy but, press on!
You will make it. Keep the right attitude towards God and towards life. Be positive, speak positive and hold on to Gods promises and be right with Him.

May The Lord Jesus-Christ bless your week.


I believe you will make it.
I believe that someday God will make a way.
I know He will.
And you will find your smile again.
Right now just give it time.
For time is what its going to take.
And some morning you will wake up.
Only to find out it all has passed.
I believe for you.
I hope you believe for yourself too.
And remember that, it’s only TEMPORARY!

God bless you




I know of a man that can change your entire life. This man can actually come live inside of you and will grow if fed with the right food.

This man will take FULL CONTROL of everything. His strength will protect every part of what makes you you. He will control your emotions, your heart, your thoughts, your life etc…

This man is POWERFUL but He’ll need to be fed in order to grow stronger. Feed Him with the word of God as much as you can. Feed Him with songs of praise and worship. Feed Him with food that gives honor to God. Be constantly under a God welcoming atmosphere. Invite Him in your life. Make Him comfortable in your temple. Accept Him in your heart, love Him with all your heart.

He will take very good care of you. He will love you and guide you. He will protect you. He will build you and instruct you. He will also CHANGE your entire life and bring you peace, joy, happiness and love. He will fight your battles and remove every negative feelings and energy. He will RESTORE you. He will change your world.

This man only demands 3 things from you: Full obedience, full surrender (love) and faith( Believe & Trust).

Welcome Him in your temple. He is the holy spirit. (John 14)

God Bless You




Sometimes all you got to do is move to another neighborhood, city, town, continent, planet, galaxy, dimension, world etc…
Sometimes all you got to do is LEAVE and go somewhere where nobody knows you, change your name and face and START ALL OVER.




“Sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently”.

I honestly want to apologize to every single person who’s ever felt judged by me through anything I did or said.

I apologize for who I once was before I became who I am.

I apologize to everyone I’ve ever hurt in a way or another. Whether consciously or unconsciously. From the bottom of my heart forgive me for my past ignorance and narrow minded perspective on life. The older I’m getting the more I’m understanding humanity and the less judgemental and close minded I’m becoming.

So with all the sincerity and love. I pray you forgive me and I pray we all start all over.


God Bless you