It’s Gods life not yours



I know lots people that go like, “It’s my life I can do anything I want”. I most of the time agree with them because living life depending on what people think about you is simply awful. You can never be yourself because your mind is too busy worrying about what they will think or say. I always say, be yourself, forget haters and move on with what you love to do because you cannot please men. They are way too difficult to satisfy and they do not know the real person that you are. They simply judge you from your mistakes especially.

One day I was in a meeting with a man of God who made me realise something I didn’t know: It is fine to live your life and forget other people’s opinions, but at the same time it is also very wrong. The people that look up to you as their role models, perhaps your children, your mother or friends can turn their backs on life because of anything negative you could do. For example, let’s say your pastor, who’s also your mentor, happens to cheat with women in church and everybody knows about it. You are so devastated by the news, your walk with the Lord was going so fine because the man of God was so much of an inspiration in your life, but now everything has just collapsed. You don’t know what to believe and even tho you know that your pastor is also only a man (flesh) aside of him being a preacher, that doesn’t stop you from being hurt and it will in some way slow down your walk with God unless your spirit is strong. You see what I mean, living your life the way you want without giving a damn about what people think could be very harming to those who admire you if you step aside your usual place and status. Jesus lived for us, so should we live for others. It’s called a life of sacrifice.

It’s my life I can do anything I want, wrong. It’s Gods life not yours.

The smile that speaks

A little story for you.

One day I was very upset at life. You know that moment when you hate everything and everyone around you and you just don’t know what to do with your life? Well that’s what was happening to me. I was so angry. I went into a restaurant and sat there on the wait to my order.

On the table next to mine was a little boy with his mom. He was about five years old. I was busy staring at the entire crowd around me. Observing the people and the smiles on their faces and was wondering why they were smiling because to me life was so messed up.

The little boy started pulling faces at me; perhaps he was trying to be funny, but I know he wanted my attention. I tried my best to ignore him but he just never gave up. I turned my face away because I was getting annoyed for some reason, then I heard the boy ask his mom why I was alone looking so heartbroken. His mom told him to not annoy me anymore. But the boy never gave up. He leaned on the side towards me and looked at me straight in the eyes. I couldn’t help but look back. It seemed like there was some sort attraction, I don’t have the words to explain.

And so then happened the miracle as the boy calmly, smoothly and sweetly smiled at me. Instantly, I smiled back and when I did, I felt so free, happy and relieved. I was no longer angry but on the contrary in such good mood, I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Morale of the story:

We are all fighting our own battles. The people you see on the streets, you have no idea of what they are going through in their lives. You may sometimes think that you are the only one whose life isn’t flowing the way it should, but you are not alone. That’s why my advice to you is to never go a day without smiling at someone. Never go a day without making someone smile. Sometimes when we don’t know what to say because we are too emotional, a smile can speak for us. A smile will always speak for you. Smile at the world no matter what. The world needs your smile. Can you please smile right now?

Thank you, I’m smiling too.



Talia Joy Castellano


“What do you want me to do, be depressed? But one little fishy told me Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” (weeping)

Talia Joy Castellano


Talia Joy Castellano, how do I start. She was a 13 years old American girl that was diagnosed with a rare type of childhood cancer “Neuroblastoma” on February 14 2007. After battling cancer for six years, she earned her wings on July 16th 2013 at 11:22 am. A year before her death, Talia posted a “Cancer Vlog” telling her fans she was now battling another type of cancer “pre-leukaemia”. I remember watching the video, she stated “I now have two types of cancer guys, aside of neuroblastoma, I also now have pre-Leukaemia and there aren’t much options left right now”, I cried.

But despite the fact that she knew her cancer was terminal, Talia never stopped believing. She was so caring, loving and very funny. She was full of life and had the most beautiful smile.


Many people say “Why is it all about Talia? So many other children are dying of cancer, why do you only give her attention”. The answer to that is, Talia is the reason to why so many people that includes me, are very much aware of the reality of cancer. I personally never knew what chemotherapy was until I started following Talia. I maybe did hear about it, but I didn’t know what it was and why it was needed. But now I do. Talia used her innocent voice to reach the hearts of millions of people around the world. She spoke for the voiceless, helped raise so much money for children cancer. She used “Youtube” to express herself in all sorts of ways. Ways that were blessings to many people around the world. Chemo made her hair fall, but she accepted her condition and came up with “Make up is my wig”.


Her eyes had this sparkle, her smile was so bright. She was brave and full of life. I never got to meet her in real life, or to even get the chance to speak to her, but I had never been so hurt and shocked in my life the way I was when she passed. Only God knows to the pain her death left in my heart. I wonder how her mother feels. I always remember her family in my prayers, because they say time will heal; time doesn’t actually heal. God does.

Every time I’m about to cuss at life, I remember Talia and stay silent because Talia inspired me to be a better person. To never complain about the negative situations of life. To always smile and make other people happy. To always be there and care for others. To be positive all the time and to really never give up. To not listen to what people have to say about me but more focus on what God thinks because only Him can tell what’s going to happen in your life. To laugh at haters and not pay much attention to their negativity. To live every moments like it’s my last. To inspire people.



But God took her for a reason, and we can’t do anything about it.

We miss Talia so much and believe that she is in better hands now. No more suffering.

There’s so much to write about Talia Joy but I’m simply putting a short end here. I advice you to please go on YouTube and watch her videos.

Send your prayers to her family

A letter to a friend



Dear friend,

I’ve mistaken you. My imperfections have destroyed the faith you had in me. The bitterness and the wounds gave life to the morose person that you are right now. The level of pain is dreadful, I cannot imagine it. My cold soul full of arrogance, cannot face the doors of the souls that I’ve pained. I am a shame. The wish to never be a sharpened dagger into your existence has made of me the enemy on your path. The promises, none fulfilled; the friendship murder; the tongue turning into fiasco. The life pact, the promises, the love.

But I come with a brave heart, to remind you of who I am. Before my mistake, I made you smile once. Before my mistake, I cried with you. Before my mistake, you loved me. Before my mistake, I cherished you. Before my mistake, we went on trips, we had fun. Before my mistake, I was your shoulder. Before my mistake I made you happy. Before my mistake, you counted on me. Before my mistake, we shared great memories, but now that I’ve mistaken you, because of those souvenirs, would you at least forgive me?



Many of you that know me heard me mention the “Special Notebook” before. It’s actually an invisible memory card I’ve stored into my brain. It has for role to remind me of the positive side of a person whenever they wrong me. Because we humans tend to completely forget the positive and good parts of our loved ones after they screw up. But if we could aside their lame sides and focus on their generous parts, life would simply be more enjoyable to experiment.

It is true that being hurt by a loved one is the worse that could happen. But the reason to why it hurts so much when a person we love so much hurts us, is because we love them. I mean, if a random person on the streets came and mocked you for some reason in public, the level of pain and embarrassment could never ever reach the disastrous feeling of if it was a person you really looked up to and cherished a lot.

And because you love them, store that invisible memory card in your brain. So that when they hurt you, whether intentional or not, you will remember all the good things they’ve done for you in the past. Even if it’s only one good thing. Forgiving is so difficult, but not impossible. Give yourself a break. Make of the person that you are a favor to the person that you have become. Allow the good memories to come into your life during hard times. Think about how happy that person had made you that day. Remember!!!Remember!! It will make it easier for you to forgive.


Time To Move On…



They have dreams and goals to achieve. They feel like they haven’t completed most of their tasks. Their thirst for achievement is dehydrating. What else could be worse!

When a person truly wants something in life, they fight for it. At times, they feel incomplete when their plans don’t come out the way they want.

“Ones’ heart lies where their mind is”, I often say, never give up on something you can never go a day without cogitating.

Truth is, the heart of men overflow of bitterness all along the journey towards the accomplishment of their goals. The path to success is fatally outrageous; the souls are troubled by the severe desire to succeed BUT…

Whilst the storm is presently ravaging your life, discover the pattern for a smile and breathe the air given to you by thee Master, on the meantime.

Naomi Lyrah Sweet