Hi there…

I’m Naomi Navec and I like to write. I started writing when I was 11 years old. I also like to sing. My vision is to reach out to people all around the world; I wish that someday I can become a motivational speaker/figure!

Writing to me means everything. It’s my reason to breath. It’s a wonderful mysterious world. I hope you like reading or else you won’t be my friend Lol.



14 thoughts on “About

  1. I have known you for 3 years now and you have never stepped back you keep on sharing the GREAT WORD. May the Lord continue giving you the revelation. I feel His power when l read words he has deposited in you.

  2. Wonderful feeling… GOD’S Awesome presence. Great is Thy Faithfulness O Lord. Navec i pray for more Grace upon ur life..

  3. Am really challenge ,for u have tried so much and I tell u the truth u will see the glory that will be reveal for challenging God with you sacrifice and effort to please him in his kingdom. God be with you and reveal himself more to you Ephecians1:17-20

  4. I met Naomi almost 3 years ago and have been so impressed with her beauty, intelligence, determination, anointing and most of all her love of Christ. God has placed something very special in this woman. It’s one of the intangible qualities that is so apparent but not always easy to identify. Some people call it charisma some call it anointing but whatever it is knowing Naomi will have an effect on you that is real. God has a great plan for you Naomi. Stay in Christ and you will do amazing things. You’re just scratching the surface right now. You’ve become such a very special friend to me. Love you much my friend!

  5. words can`t just explain what u just feed me to eat. wish you all the best. dont forrget still ‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend’ believe me any1 who dislikes or hates u should read ur profile will fall in love. xoxo

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