The Experience of life: The Point



Life is such an interesting journey. It fascinates me. I always say that coming to the earth is so far the most mind blowing experience thats happened to my existence. I say so far because I’m unaware of the mystery behind the continuation; just like the rest of the world death is also a mystery to me. But who knows it might be even more fascinating than life itself, its unfortunate that I won’t be able to tell you about it when I cross to the other side.

Living is a wonderful experience. When you profoundly dig into the genesis of life, you’ll come to realize that the reason to why we humans were actually meant to reproduce is because we were meant to love and life isn’t if love is not. This is why I find it pretty sad that some people were not born out of love and some have and will probably never get to experience this bond created by love also known as a family. Some people will never get to live because they are not born and some will never get to die for the same reason.  I don’t know if thats good or not!

Now going back to my main topic of The meaning of life, although living it beautiful, its still got me coming up with a sudden epiphany about the purpose of existence; and yes I believe that we are born for a purpose but then again I ask myself the following question: What is honestly the point of living if we are all going to die? Its so pointless.

Think about this and tell me what you think!



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