you will
I was having this conversation with someone about men’s mental and emotional health that’s not really taken into consideration by society. They are taught to never cry their whole lives and to always be strong; but men have feelings too and sometimes they NEED to be reminded that it’s okay to feel broken and cry.

And I always read about how women are encouraged into believing that there’s that “perfect guy” out there who will love them just as they are and stuff…

So I just really felt inspired to do the same for men ( not trying to give false hope though… just talking facts):

Dear men…

There’s a woman in this world who will love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Not for what you have nor what you look like. But just you and the person that you are.

She won’t care how much money you don’t have in your account. She won’t care what you look like. She won’t care about your past. She won’t care about your mistakes. She’ll love you for YOU. She’ll do everything to see and make you happy. You are the kind of man a good woman is PRAYING for somewhere in the world. NEVER FORGET THIS.

Dont give up on yourself, on LOVE or on life. Yesterday wasn’t today just like today isn’t tomorrow. I believe you’ll find your queen someday. I pray you really do!
You’ll walk home one day from work and she’ll be at the door with your children welcoming you back.

You’ll find her… I believe you will !




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