by Navec


A year ago, I wrote an article about what life meant to me at that season. I had a different perception of what life meant and the older I get the more I realize that life  doesn’t have a concrete meaning unless we choose to give it one.

But throughout the past week, Matthias had been insisting I write something about what life currently means to me in this season of March 2017. I don’t know why but here I go:

The meaning of life is to not give it a meaning but to only live it every 5 minutes.

The meaning of life is to not think it needs to be given a meaning but to only live every moment like there’s no other meaning.

 The meaning of life is to realize that if life was to be given a meaning, that meaning shouldn’t mean anything but what you want it to mean.

So to you the person reading this:

What does life mean to you? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

If you can’t seem to see anything, what do you WANT to see?

Life can only be given a meaning after you self perceive yourself the right way. Because what you want to see is what has a meaning to you.

When I was a little girl I spoke like a little girl and thought like a little girl. As I got older I realize that in order for my life to mean something to this little girl that still lives inside of me, I needed to follow an individual direction cause I got my own purpose and life calling; I needed to stop thinking the way everyone else does and become my own person regardless of what it looked like to other people.

And that took a lot of courage to be able to be me and do me in the midst of a crowd that expects everyone to think and act a certain way; the only meaning life has on my reality is what I’ve made it to become. In other words, to me life has no greater meaning but to give yourself enough freedom to make a meaning out of it.

If you don’t take control over giving your life a meaning, someone else will enjoy controlling and dictating it. It’s YOUR life! Give it a meaning!

The meaning of life is to make life out of existence!

The meaning of life is to choose to give it a meaning only if you want it to mean something to you.

Be inspired

God bless you 

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