The article of the year: Dear 2016



You were the year that brought major changes to my life. You were the year that helped me grow up. You were the year that got me tearing up but you also set me free. 

Dear 2016, you taught me to fall in love with myself. To forgive and accept myself just the way I am.

You taught me to do everything in my power to make myself happy and I did.

You taught me to trust my instinct more than my feelings or emotions. I’ve learned! 

You reminded me that God gave me a brain for a reason. That sometimes I got to do what’s best for me according to me not other people.

You taught me that sometimes all you got to do in life is be selfish cause caring can be painful.

You’ve taught me to value myself more than I value anyone else.

You taught me that although pain can be very bitter, healing definitely comes someday. No pain lasts forever.

You taught me to stand for what’s important to me and to turn my circle into a circle of value rather than of people. So I did and I hope you’re proud of my bravery.

You’ve taught me to not trust anyone anymore. I’ll try not to.

You taught me that religion is deceptive. That underneath the religious titles lays heartbreaking secrets. That if Christianity was a person, it clearly wouldn’t be a Christian.

You taught me to never settle less than what I truly deserve no matter what I feel. It’s one thing to want something but it’s another to have it because it deserves you.

You taught me to keep helping people. That loving people is the most essential part of my journey.

You taught me that I am the most powerful person in my life after God and that I had the power to change my life and so I did.

You taught me the value of spending time alone. I’ve learned a lot about my earthly self by spending a lot of time with it.

You taught me to finally stop chasing after people. Whoever wants to be a part of my life can come in, whosever doesn’t is free to go. Not going to beg anyone anymore that’s a PROMISE.

And lastly, you’ve taught me that although happiness is subjective, It can still have a universal definition. And this year I’ve learned that happiness is a CHOICE.

You weren’t the best year of my life but you are the end of the saddest moments of the rest of my days. Dear 2016, I made it alive once again and all I can say is THANK YOU for more lessons.

Goodbye 2016


5 thoughts on “The article of the year: Dear 2016

  1. Hey girl I really like your article and it inspires me to write one as well.
    But one or two things that I need you to elaborate though

    How can that be??
    You also said that you have learned that SELFISH IS ALL GONNA DO, BECAUSE CARING IS PAINFUL.

    Before I say anything may you please elaborate what you mean by that.

    1. Hi there,
      I deleted that thought, it wasn’t very positive and I apologize for that negative vibe.
      As in regards of the second though, what I meant is sometimes in life you just have to focus and love people who want you to love them. It’s a pain to give to people who don’t appreciate. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for reading me.

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