When I was a little girl




Naomi 10/08/94 (4 months)


Naomi age 3

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10th birthday 14/05/2006


My mom, my aunt Suzanne, my brother Jean (On aunties laps), my sister Jeanne (on the right), my brother Cedrick (on the left) and me (on my moms laps)



My dad and my mom, I think they had no children on this picture. So I wasn’t born yet haha. But anyways, this is where I get my good looks from, just in case you where wondering lol



(Remembering my childhood…Nostalgia!)

When I was a little girl,

I had an imaginary friend called Matthias. He was a friend I went with everywhere. Matthias was actually a boy. He was my age. I think I was about 10 years old when we became friends. I only dropped Him when I was 14. It was someone I was very close to. I so much believed in His existence that when I come to think of it, I really wonder if it was my imagination or Matthias was actually real. Question mark!

I was 6, we have one old gardner who only had one tooth. So me and our house helper would toast hard bread for him and give him then laugh at him eating it with his one tooth.

We used to have one german shepherd called Golf. He came into our lives the same year I was born. We where the same age. When we turn 10, one day after school dad announced that golf had died. It really broke my heart. I went and saw our dog who was like a brother to me laying in the ground dead. It was painful. But the most beautiful thing is that my family and I spend his last moments all together with him. We surrounded him and he died the next day. I mis you golf, see you in heaven buddy. I know you’re there.

I was 4 and one day all my siblings where in school. I was playing Tarzan in the house and my mom was in her room. I jumped from couch to couch and bumped my head at the corner of our library table. Blood dripped down my face and I cried and my mom came and there was blood everywhere, she took me to the hospital. I had a big ugly scare on my forehead.


My siblings and I used to call on people on our ride back home. We would see random people on the road and would scream “hello aunti, hello uncle” and they would look back and be like “who’s this?” and our mom would just be driving and laughing.

Me and my brother had a fight once and our dad got us on our knees and asked us to apologize to each others, but none of us did. He took his shoe off and flopped us so bad and I cried so hard. My parents never spanked me, that was the only time my dad had spanked us.

My mom used to like smoking fish, it was really delicious. One day she made some fish and kept it in the oven. I was so tempted to have a piece of it, I woke up in the middle of the night to go steal a piece in the oven and I had a piece on my way back I bumped into my brother. I was like what are you doing here? did you also come to steals mom fish? he laughed, and was like yeah, you thief. And the next morning mom was like, theres one piece of fish missing who ate it? someone ate it.

I used to bully my brothers A LOT. I think its a last child thing. You bully then get away with it from mommy. I would tease them and run to my mom and she would say: “leave her alone she’s young.” then when it came to bed time, because I was afraid of sleeping alone, I’d go knock on my brothers doors and they would leave me outside and I’d cry.

One time I was really wanted to watch a TV series but my brothers wanted to play soccer on their video games. I asked them to let me have a minute and watch my show but they refused. So I went in the kitchen where the lights and power control buttons where. I switched it off and they though the lights had gone off (common in Africa). They were mad and went to their bedrooms and I switched back on and went to watch TV. haha, they came out and where like the lights already came back? I was like yea but its my turn to watch TV. I was 12 I think,

It was just after the war in 2002, my family and I were staying in a safety camp and there, there was a funeral in the house near where I was staying. So one day, my teacher had attended that funeral and he was sitting on the corner of a wall (it was an outside gathering). There was a hole on the wall, so me and my friends where playing in the backyard when we came across that hole. It was my idea to take a piece of wood (a thin and sharp one), we took it and passed it across that little hole on the wall and starting poking our teachers leg. He started scratching himself cause he thought it was a mosquito. We pocked him so many times, until he turned around and realized it was a bunch of kids doing that to him, so the people next door knocked on our door to complain and I left all those kids outside and ran inside and pretended i was never involved. They got in trouble. I was about 8 years old.

Me and my cousins (aged 7 and 5) where once playing in the bathroom, and then it was bedtime so we brushed out teeth before going to bed. Then, I swallowed the paste and told my cousins I enjoyed the taste so you know what we did? we ate ALL the coalgate (tooth paste) and went in our bedrooms. Then their mom (my aunt), went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and realized it was all empty. She called us and asked what happened to the paste. We where all quiet. She got mad and asked again and my little cousin who was about 5 told her mom we ate it all. She got so mad she spanked them. She didn’t spank me though. But it was my idea. I was 7.

I use to have this one bad habit of switching off the lights when someone was in the bathroom. Every time my brother was in the shower, because the light switch where outside, I would wait for him to get the water running and then switch it off and run fast to my moms room. He would get mad and yell Naomi!!! then switch it on and go back in and I would come again and switch it off and he would get really mad. Then he’d come in my moms room to complain and she was like, she was here the whole time, leave her alone. stop being so mean to her. She’s your little sister.

One day one of my school friends had a false bills that she was given by a dishonest taxi drivers as a change. We knew it was plastified but we tried to go to a shop to buy something with it thinking that the guys would not spot that it was fake money. We entered a store, we were about 4 little girls al aged 10. We sent our friends I remember her name was Deborah to go buy something while we where waiting on the corner. She went and the guy spotted that it was a fake bill and called his friends and said, catch these little girls its a false bill lets call the police. I tell you when he said that, I look around me an d my 2 other friends had disappeared. Lol they ran as fast as they could and I was just standing there not knowing exactly what I to do. One part of me was feeling bad cause the guy had Deborah pretty much in detention, but I ran fast anyway and joined the other girls. We went to our other friends house and her mom was like why are you guys so breathless like this? We were like, nothing Mme. Then we started praying for Deborah cause we though she was sent to prison. So then Deborah shows up crying, we were like what did they do to you? she was like, they wanted to call the police then they told me not to do that again and let me go because I was crying.

One day me and two friends where bored after school we decided to walk around in the neighbourhood. Then two teenage guys where sitting on a wall watching us, I think we were around 10 years old. They blew a ballon and asked us if we wanted it, so my friends got it and those guys laughed at us going around. We didn’t know that what they gave us wasn’t an actual ballon, it was a condom. My friends and I didn’t know that and we were like, wow it has such a weird colour and texture then some guy came and asked us why we where holding that, he took it away from us and we told him some guys gave it to us and he was like don’t ever touch such again, go home and wash your hands. So we ran home to wash hands and my moms friends asked what happened, we told her and she was like wow, you caught aids (just to scare us) so we started crying thinking we where HIV positive. I went outside and said a prayer, I remember i said Lord please don’t let me die of aids, forgive my sins lol. ignorance haha

To be continued….


I had a great childhood…sometimes I wish I could live it again…


The Experience of life: The Point



Life is such an interesting journey. It fascinates me. I always say that coming to the earth is so far the most mind blowing experience thats happened to my existence. I say so far because I’m unaware of the mystery behind the continuation; just like the rest of the world death is also a mystery to me. But who knows it might be even more fascinating than life itself, its unfortunate that I won’t be able to tell you about it when I cross to the other side.

Living is a wonderful experience. When you profoundly dig into the genesis of life, you’ll come to realize that the reason to why we humans were actually meant to reproduce is because we were meant to love and life isn’t if love is not. This is why I find it pretty sad that some people were not born out of love and some have and will probably never get to experience this bond created by love also known as a family. Some people will never get to live because they are not born and some will never get to die for the same reason.  I don’t know if thats good or not!

Now going back to my main topic of The meaning of life, although living it beautiful, its still got me coming up with a sudden epiphany about the purpose of existence; and yes I believe that we are born for a purpose but then again I ask myself the following question: What is honestly the point of living if we are all going to die? Its so pointless.

Think about this and tell me what you think!



Navec Quotes



Sometimes all you got to say is “Whatever I don’t care” it will save you from a lot of stress.

Worrying and stressing is pointless …





Do what’s BEST for you according to YOU. NOT according to other peoples definition of best. If something is important to you, do what needs to be done about it regardless of what people think or say you should do. At the end of the day, HOW YOU feel actually matters.





The human brain was programmed into wanting more than it already has. This is why we look at certain people and it seems that they already have enough but are still thirsting for more. We where made to strive for a “perfect life” and because perfection doesn’t exist, we always go after more until we get to that level of stability. But still end up unsatisfied !

This is why we are reminded to focus on our blessings most of the time. We also need to CHANGE that image. Reality puts limit to imagination and this is where the subject of positive thinking and critical thinking comes in. Just because our imagination is positive doesn’t make it possible. Critically thinking and analyzing the images we have stored into our imagination is a good way of turning dreams into reality.

If you can dream it you can live it. Nah… you will only live it by not dreaming it.

You’ll get later…





Whatever comes in your mind right now is what you SHOULD be doing EVERYDAY. If you haven’t started living, START NOW! Whatever it is that’s not going right in your life right now, DONT focus too much on it!

Live EVERY moment of your life like it’s your last one, because unfortunately someday it will actually be!

For everything has an expiring date. EVEN life.



dead end.jpg

Thank God when toxic people leave your life. It’s like trash took itself out!
You deserve better. I hope you know this!





I’ve learned from life to NOT LET anything or anyone have power over me. I’ve learned to ACCEPT and LOVE myself just the way I am regardless of who loves me or not. I’ve learned to be my own support; to always be there for me. I’ve learned to not change who I am to fit in to someone’s definition of greatness.

I’ve learned that we can’t please the whole world; That no matter how good you are or how much good you do there’s people who will only look at the things you do wrong and that’s okay!

I’ve learned to build strong confidence in myself because confidence has POWER: It’s sexier than makeup!

I’ve learned to not take things personally and to not expect everyone to see life from my point of view! That It’s okay to THINK , BE and FEEL different! I’ve learned to no longer let people’s opinions define my person!

And because I’ve learned, I’m now free…



Give time the time it needs to make the time right for things that can only get better with time. Let time take care of them. Sometimes there’s NOTHING you can actually do but just give it time. So Give time enough time to let life surprise you 🙂




Stare at a clock when you’re in a hurry you’ll notice time will go slower than a turtle on a track field. But get your attention off the clock, you’ll see time surprise you.

Some things in life will only come once you stop waiting on them to come. Expect them without waiting on them. This is a something LIFE has taught me this year. Everytime I wait on something to happen, it only does when I don’t see it coming. So weird…




I feel so bad for the people who left your life, imagine losing you 😳

Their loss !!






You know how they say that “If you want that wound to heal better stop touching it?”

I was deeply thinking about this quote and I got inspired to write this:

The wounds that need healing, have to be acknowledged in order to heal. It’s like breaking a bone but refusing to go to the hospital just because of your fears of shame. If you’re broken ADMIT that you’re broken. That’s the first step towards healing. You’ll never heal by ignoring what you feel. Feeling pain shows that you’re human. You’re supposed to feel…

So Reach out…there’s NO SHAME in feeling!!!




Always appreciate what you have no matter how little or insignificant you think it is. Appreciate everything you have before it becomes everything you had.





Good looks dont make anyone unique!

There’s far way too many good looking people in the world. This is why using your looks as an excuse to get away with things in life is pretty LAME. You’re attractive ? Sooo? What else have you got to offer? Being good looking is not a talent!

Here’s one sign of maturity:

NOT easily impressed by good LOOKS!

You know what I’m saying?





YOUR story doesn’t have to be like THEIRS. Everyone’s journey is DIFFERENT!
The less you gossip, compare your life to other peoples and the more FOCUSED you are on your OWN LIFE, the BETTER!!!





LOVE yourself! Stop being SO unsecured. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You’re not them! You where born in the body you’re born to for a reason and there’s nothing you can do about it just like there’s NOTHING wrong with you. It’s okay TO BE different. It’s okay to FEEL different! Diversity is what makes the BEAUTY of our planet!




If God has put a dream in your heart.
Write it down and keep it as a treasure.
No matter what people say, PROTECT the vision with passion.
When you know deep within your heart.
That THIS dream doesn’t come from you.
EVEN when all you see is the opposite

On His time, On Gods time, HE WILL DO!

Habakkuk 2:3

3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.




Be the light everywhere you go! Let your light shine and make a difference in peoples lives. Theres people who no longer believe that this world still has good people. YOU can prove them wrong! Bring light into someone’s life. BE THERE for them, make them feel SPECIAL. SPEAK life into their lives. ENCOURAGE them, BELIEVE in them, don’t let them give up on themselves. The words you speak will IMPACT their lives. Be GREAT, be GOOD, be KIND, be LIGHT.

YOU can make a difference into their world…




Do you want everyone to love you? For nobody to criticize or judge you? For people to always agree with you ? The only way to get that is to DIE. That’s the only time they’ll all love you.

This is why I believe that, we ought to be ourselves not a definition of what people want us to be.

Its honestly better to be disliked and rejected for being yourself than it is to be accepted for being someone you’re not.

Someone doesn’t like you? WHATEVER… you can’t force everyone to have good taste 😆!
Stop torturing yourself in trying to please the entire world. You’ll end up pleasing nobody!




Just because it shines doesn’t mean it’s gold!

Appearances are deceitful!





Let us not forget to humble ourselves!

Think about it this way: Death equalizes 
all of us regardless of who we are and what we have in this life, when death will knock it will all bring us to the SAME LEVEL!
Let death be your REMINDER every time you start to feel better than anyone for something you have that they dont or every time you feel lower than anyone for something they have that you don’t REMIND yourself that it’s all VANITY. Cause IT IS !

We won’t bring anything with us when we die, so we may as well just BE KIND and treat each others with the same kind of respect, love and affection we all deserve!

Because EVERYTHING is vanity…




Appreciate who you HAVE before they become who you HAD




Focus on what’s left, not what’s gone! Focus on your blessings 🙂





Well I don’t really have a choice!

-I didn’t really see this coming!

Yes you may not be responsible for the things that happen to you BUT you’re responsible for the choices you make after they happen. It’s YOUR responsibility to make the RIGHT choices for YOURSELF!

Cause if you’re stuck somewhere in life, you’re stuck there by CHOICE! Because we ALWAYS have a choice!





You are the most powerful person in your life. Don’t let anything have power over you. Cry when you need to, do what needs to be done but don’t let things control your life. Sometimes all we got to do is just live life without questioning and stressing… cause YOLO anyways !





Nothing would make them happier than knowing that your life fell apart over what they did to you.

The best revenge is success. If you didn’t let your past take a hold of your present, you’re more successful than you think! 
Path yourself in the back. Congrats, you WON 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Keep it up. You’re on the right path!




Everything that happens truly does happen for a reason!
And although we may not always know the reason, Let’s just remember that there’s no coincidence in life. Nothing just happens!




If your circle isn’t decreasing in size but increasing in value, you’re not growing up!

It’s okay to not be popular. It’s okay to not have a lot of friends. It’s okay to be different. It’s really is ok!






You did what you thought was right for them. You where kind enough to pour out your heart into their lives. You made sacrifices and gave all you could to brighten their lives but in return they paid you back with ungratefulness, betrayal, Lies… you know you didn’t deserve that.

And now you feel angry deep inside. You feel like maybe you shouldn’t have done what you did for them. And you’ve tried giving different people chances but you’re afraid…

You’re angry and you wish you could go back in time to just undo all the things you did and un live all the moments you spent together. You have wounds in your heart that you have no idea of how to heal. The inner damages is holding your life back and people assume it’s not that bad just because they see you smile. If only they knew!!!

If people around you are not projecting back the same efforts you’re making. Then maybe it’s time you let them go?

It’s better to be alone than to be around people who make you feel like you’re hard to love.





Do you feel lost in life?

You don’t seem to know where you’re heading nor what you’re doing…
You’re just living with the hopes that things will get better/ happen…
You want to keep believing that everything will be okay but everything seems to be falling apart even more everyday!
Most people think they understand, few actually do!!

You’re surviving each day with exhaustion and also losing faith and hopes in yourself and everything…
You’ve tried and you’re still trying to be strong but LIFE keeps happening…It’s getting more brutal everyday. Sometimes you just wanna give up…

You just not happy anymore. You feel unsecured, different, you cry yourself to bed all the time. You’re miserable and you hate to admit it but you really are.

Is this you?

If this is you then this is for you:

Be strong and know that everything you’re going through today is only a preparation of what you’re meant to face and who you’re meant to be tomorrow!

If you feel lost, find your way back, have faith and remember that this season WILL PASS if you DON’T give up on yourself!






Have you forgiven yourself for the things you did in your past?
Have you forgiven yourself for doing all the things you shouldn’t have done and for saying all the things you shouldn’t have said?

Have you forgiven yourself ? Or you still being hard on yourself? Are you still living with regrets?

Because If you don’t do something about the way you feel about yourself and your past, that’s exactly where you’re gonna be in the future: Where you currently are; In your past!

It’s time to let go and move on with life. I understand it’s hard but its THE ONLY WAY OUT!

Stuff happen and stuff will always happen. It isn’t the end of the world, It’s simply a part of this journey called LIFE!!!





What if Bill Gate gave up?
What if Walt Disney gave up?
What if Marc Zuckerberg gave up?
What if Steve Jobs gave up?

Where would they be?

Google, Disney and Apple started in a garage! Did you hear that? A GARAGE!!!

Who would have ever imagined they’d make it so big?
Would they make it so big if they gave up?

Dreams DO come true! But we need endurance. Strong mindsets!!!
So work hard and never give up!!!





But how? How can you hold yourself from not focusing on these demons that constantly disturbs your peace everyday?

Well truth is that you can’t really control the actuality of certain situations but what you can do instead is REDIRECT your thoughts towards other things to readjust your focus.

If you can’t help yourself from thinking about the things that are bothering you in your life right now maybe it’s time to distract your mind with better pictures cause remember that at the end of the day the problem is not the problem, the problem is how intensive your thoughts are about your problem!!!!

Ignore your demons to a level that’s gonna make them start doubting their own existence!!




Sometimes all you got to say is YOLO!!! If there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do to change something then stressing over it is a total waste of time cause worrying won’t change the fact that it ALREADY HAPPENED and IS WHAT IT IS !!!!!

Give it no attention and it will have no power over you!!!




Don’t stop dreaming the dreams that you’re dreaming just because many other people are dreaming the same dreams.

Do not give up on life, on your dreams. Do not give up on the things that mean the world to you. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. If something is meant to happen, it will happen but only if you don’t give up!





The way people treat you is a reflection of who they are as people. Not of who you are as a person. Stop blaming yourself for the things that you can’t control. For things you couldn’t have changed no matter what you did and for things that couldn’t have happened otherwise!

You can’t change who someone is just like they can’t change who you are. And always remember that whoever wants to be a part of your life will work for it and not make excuses to go. People will hurt you and act like you’ve hurt them simply because they don’t wanna stay. You’re not the problem , it’s just who they are.

I know it’s hard, I know it’s not easy but you need to let them go! Your destiny isn’t tied to anyone that disturbs your peace!

Just think about the way they’ve made you feel and ask yourself if you truly want to be around people who make you feel this way for the rest of your life!

If you did your best and they still didn’t see it, they’re not worth it!
So stop blaming yourself!

Whatever you need to do to stay away from toxic people, DO!
Whether it’s moving to another city, changing neighbourhoods, moving out, cutting them off, Do!

It’s very important because who you surround yourself with impact how you perceive yourself and who you will be in the next five years!

So Do it the HARD WAY!
It gets easier with time but first you need to take the first step !!!

Take courage! Love yourself
You can do it!




It’s better to have what God wants for you. It’s durable, it’s of good quality!

Be blessed!!!!



You are under NO obligation to always say yes and always be kind to people who don’t deserve your kindness!

If someone sucks at being nice to you and often disrespects you and your values; you shouldn’t feel obligated to respect and be nice to them. Someone who doesn’t care how you feel about the things they say and do to you CONSCIOUSLY isn’t someone you need to keep tolerating!

You have feelings too and they need to be taken into consideration.

Yes we are taught to turn the other cheek but that doesn’t mean not standing up for yourself when it’s needed. Even Jesus got mad at the people turning the temple into a sales place!

Stand for yourself! Have a personality. Sweetness doesn’t equal weakness. There’s a time to be sweet then there’s a time to get real with people.
There’s a time for everything!

Don’t ever let nobody find comfort in disrespecting you. Cause once it happens, twice it will!





If you don’t know who you are, people will make sure you become who they want you to be.

The only way to know who you are is to find yourself. Did you lose yourself in a trial? In the midst of trying to fit in?

Are you really who you know you’re supposed to be?
The REAL you is the person you are when there’s no other influence around you.

Get to know yourself, be yourself, find yourself, LOVE yourself and ACCEPT yourself!

You are honestly all you got!!!





You know how in life they say that God always has a witness? (That whatever you’re going through someone in this world has already been through it? That there’s no new demons, they just the same coming back and forth in people’s lives?

I was having this conversation with someone the other day: Just because that it the case (that there’s a witness somewhere) doesn’t mean you have to pressure yourself into coping with a problem in an unhealthy way.

For example: You and a friend both went through the EXACT same trial but it only took a little time for them to completely either heal, move on or just start afresh emotionally or physically or whatever they needed to do to get better. But then it took you or it’s still taking you longer to get there.

Let me tell you something: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling what’s supposed to be felt even when trying to no longer feel. There’s wounds that take much longer time to heal depending on every individual. We’re not all made the same inside. There’s no shame in feeling. We’re supposed to feel.
And time doesn’t heal. It’s what happens in time that does.

So to conclude, I don’t know who this is for but I promise, if you can give yourself enough time without feeling pressured or ashamed by anyone to feel, you’ll realize that things will start feeling better.

So feel!


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.21.56 PM

Do you ever wonder why there’s certain things you’ve given upon THOUSANDS of times but yet you still keep coming back to? Sometimes you don’t understand the attraction BUT sometimes the reason why you can’t give up is because you’re not supposed to give up.






you will
I was having this conversation with someone about men’s mental and emotional health that’s not really taken into consideration by society. They are taught to never cry their whole lives and to always be strong; but men have feelings too and sometimes they NEED to be reminded that it’s okay to feel broken and cry.

And I always read about how women are encouraged into believing that there’s that “perfect guy” out there who will love them just as they are and stuff…

So I just really felt inspired to do the same for men ( not trying to give false hope though… just talking facts):

Dear men…

There’s a woman in this world who will love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Not for what you have nor what you look like. But just you and the person that you are.

She won’t care how much money you don’t have in your account. She won’t care what you look like. She won’t care about your past. She won’t care about your mistakes. She’ll love you for YOU. She’ll do everything to see and make you happy. You are the kind of man a good woman is PRAYING for somewhere in the world. NEVER FORGET THIS.

Dont give up on yourself, on LOVE or on life. Yesterday wasn’t today just like today isn’t tomorrow. I believe you’ll find your queen someday. I pray you really do!
You’ll walk home one day from work and she’ll be at the door with your children welcoming you back.

You’ll find her… I believe you will !




My Legacy


by Navec


A year ago, I wrote an article about what life meant to me at that season. I had a different perception of what life meant and the older I get the more I realize that life  doesn’t have a concrete meaning unless we choose to give it one.

But throughout the past week, Matthias had been insisting I write something about what life currently means to me in this season of March 2017. I don’t know why but here I go:

The meaning of life is to not give it a meaning but to only live it every 5 minutes.

The meaning of life is to not think it needs to be given a meaning but to only live every moment like there’s no other meaning.

 The meaning of life is to realize that if life was to be given a meaning, that meaning shouldn’t mean anything but what you want it to mean.

So to you the person reading this:

What does life mean to you? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

If you can’t seem to see anything, what do you WANT to see?

Life can only be given a meaning after you self perceive yourself the right way. Because what you want to see is what has a meaning to you.

When I was a little girl I spoke like a little girl and thought like a little girl. As I got older I realize that in order for my life to mean something to this little girl that still lives inside of me, I needed to follow an individual direction cause I got my own purpose and life calling; I needed to stop thinking the way everyone else does and become my own person regardless of what it looked like to other people.

And that took a lot of courage to be able to be me and do me in the midst of a crowd that expects everyone to think and act a certain way; the only meaning life has on my reality is what I’ve made it to become. In other words, to me life has no greater meaning but to give yourself enough freedom to make a meaning out of it.

If you don’t take control over giving your life a meaning, someone else will enjoy controlling and dictating it. It’s YOUR life! Give it a meaning!

The meaning of life is to make life out of existence!

The meaning of life is to choose to give it a meaning only if you want it to mean something to you.

Be inspired

God bless you 



It’s the last day of the month. The last day of the year. 365 days have passed and here you are reading this. Possibly feeling  an emotion nobody knows about. Probably going through something nobody knows about.

Look at yourself right now in the mirror and ask yourself what  you have LEARNED from life this year! Think!!! Think about everything that happened to you. Do the retrospective of all events that occurred. And try to find what God tried to TEACH YOU about the REALITY of life… About people…About walking with Him….About trials… about this journey called life.

This year, a lot has happened and you cried and you’re currently somewhere you didn’t see coming at this time of the year last year. Maybe you thought this year would be a great year and it turned out to be the worse year of your life. Maybe you thought it wouldn’t be a good year but God came and blessed you with something you didn’t see coming.

Look at your life right now and write the first word that comes to your mind when you hear of 2016.

Tomorrow 2016 will be gone. It’s going to be a part of the history of your life. Everyone/ everything that didn’t make it with you to this upcoming new year will be labelled a part of your past.

2017 shouldn’t be the start to something new. Life gives us an opportunity to start all over everyday but the reality is that it’s going to be a new season. Enter it with WISDOM and REFLECTION.

This is the time of your life to use what this year has taught you and make a decision that will help you enter a greater year.

It’s the omega of 2016 And the alpha of 2017.  The only thing that will make a difference between these two transitional moments of your life is your ACTIONS. Your words won’t give you a better year. It’s the DECISIONS and CHOICES you will make that will determine the kind of year you’ll have. 

Be wise and inspired 

“Congratulations you’ve made it through this year.”

God bless you.